Archival Footage Russian Mission – IED (Top DownSM)

Pioneering innovation in tall building construction; TGE through Dr. Thornton is first to market with revolutionary and game-changing innovations providing a vertically integrated structural construction and technology-based solution to mid/high-rise buildings.


The TGE Top DownSM technology platform and building approach is a result of 45 years of research and proven project experience developed over years of engineering and execution. Historical footage for one of the first Top Down buildings is the Russian Mission in New York City. This IED system is the genius of our approach to building as we have perfected the system with technological improvements to include an vertically integrated MRP, BIM SaaS technology integrated management and supply chain end to end solutions. The Top DownSM delivery model is a product of dedication to innovation and advancement of improvements in efficiency in construction and a vehicle to assist our clients and industry to build better.

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