Top DownSM Construction vs Conventional Construction

Through a combination of ground level construction, material reduction, and an industrialization of construction procedures, the TGE Top DownSM Process Mid/High-Rises are constructed in typically half the time of conventional buildings.

The Top DownSM System


TGE, LLC (TGE) a building group specialized in systems integration focused on a revolutionary building process for the construction industry. Our vision is to transform design and construction practices for faster delivery, cost effectiveness, and a more sustainable built environment. The TGE Top DownSM building process brings a new approach to building, with both with Lean practices and a structural solution to the traditional building model.


The TGE Top DownSM technology platform and building approach has proven to be a critical competitive edge for forward thinking developers and design teams looking for distinct and measurable differentiation from their competition.

SRR3. 624,000 GSF 10-Storey Commercial/Lab - New Construction



Established in the early 1970’s through the development of the IED system, Dr. Charles H. Thornton continues to advance the Top DownSM delivery method through TGE. We deliver an innovative solution to mid-rise and high-rise development projects; forever changing the landscape of the industry. We facilitate and design/build each project with greater overall value, increasing sustainable design, reducing overall cost and construction durations. Our commitment to safety, quality, and lean principles is a foundational element to creating value for all stakeholders and a key driver for each project.


We are firmly committed to helping out clients and partners be a part of a successful team and achieve their strategic goals.




TGE was organized and founded by Dr. Charles H. Thornton along with Jeffery Grillo and Daniel Esparza (Thornton, Grillo, Esparza, TGE).  Dr. Thornton is one of the preeminent structural engineers and educators in the world; co-chairman of Thornton Tomasetti until 2004, and as Honorary Chairman/Founder of the ACE Mentor Program, a non-profit organization that, each year, offers guidance and training to inner city high school students in architecture, construction and engineering in cities across the U.S. Pioneering innovation in tall building construction.


TGE is first to market with revolutionary and game-changing innovations providing a vertically integrated structural construction and technology-based solution to mid/high-rise buildings.




TGE in the News! Top DownSM was featured in the Engineering News Record (October 2018) as a Newsmaker for 1.2 Million GSF!


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Real evolution, game-changing evolution, transforms the industry landscape by drastically reducing the labor and material requirements of mid/high-rise structures and cutting the construction time down to as much as one-third the time of conventional construction. 


The TGE Top DownSM process has reset the bar and forever changed the way mid/high-rise buildings are constructed. 



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Reduced Cost of Construction


Building costs are reduced by a direct correlation of the elimination of tower crane, reduction of concrete by 15% - 25%,
reduction of steel by 20% - 30%. Lower labor costs and accelerated schedules reduce special and general conditions.


Accelerated Project Delivery


Through a combination of ground level construction, material reduction, and an industrialization of construction procedures, the TGE Top Down℠ Process Mid/High-Rises are constructed in typically half the time of conventional buildings.

Improved Safety and Quality Control


By constructing each deck at ground level, numerous safety hazards are eliminated and workers perform at maximum efficiency.  Workers are no longer working from exterior or elevated positions and tower crane operations along with risks associated with scaffolding are essentially eliminated.


Ground level assembly provides easy and direct access for testing, inspections, quality control measures and safety egress to/from all areas of build; allowing for a safer and controlled built environment based on quality control measures.

Elimination of Tower Cranes


The Top Down℠ Process system eliminates the need for expensive high-rise tower cranes, as well as the potential for delays due to high winds or mechanical breakdown.

Flexibility in Design


The Top Down℠ Process system can create a mid/high-rise building of virtually any size or shape and can be utilized for almost any application.


The TGE Top Down℠ Process system is comprised of central cores in lieu of multiple internal and external support columns and shear walls providing maximum stability and complete architectural freedom in floor design.


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Reduced Building Weight


By maximizing the structural efficiency of concrete and steel, the Top Down℠ Process system cuts total structural weight roughly in half compared to conventional construction.